Kaluga Imperial Caviar was founded to produce the perfect caviar. We believe we have succeeded and Michelin Star chefs around the World agree.

Our facilities are in a UNESCO Heritage area on the Min River (Minjiang), in the western part of the Chengdu Plain. These first glacial waters flowing from the Himalayas are pristine with perfect temperatures for longer hibernation periods further helping to produce superior sturgeon.

We combine the best possible geographic conditions with decades of experience, balancing the latest technology with traditional care.

Our Huso Dauricus sturgeon are raised for a minimum of 15 years on premium, non-GMO feed. We meet the highest international quality and ethical standards.

Delicious Accessible Luxuries

We deliver extraordinary tastes, flavours and experiences from all around the globe.

We believe in close working relationships, fantastic service and amazing quality. We are based in Sydney Australia and distribute nationwide.

Here’s to quality over quantity, every time!

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Watch this space!! Princeton Fine Foods will be conducting regular tastings and events leading into Summer 2018/19.
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